The Town Where Quintus Orazio Flacco Was Born

Tours stopping in Venosa

Founded in 291 BC, Venosa is a little town in Basilicata where art, culture, history, archeology and literature harmoniously intersect. Anyone who comes to visit it is fascinated by this town permeated by an enchanted atmosphere.

The great historical memories are reflected on the facades of the buildings, emerge from the grandiose monuments.Venusia, with its archaeological area, the amphitheater, the domus, the baths, the Aragonese castle (site of the archaeological museum), is itself an ‘open.

The classical poet Quintus Orazio Flacco, who was born there in 65 BC, gives it praise and notoriety consolidating a literary tradition that is lost in time.

Also worth seeing is the Incompiuta, the Trinity Abbey, the Cathedral and the Archeological Park of Notarchirico.

The unfinished Abbey of the Holy Trinity is one of the most historically interesting monuments in Southern Italy. It is the largest monastery complex in Basilicata and consists of the old church from paleo-Christian times and the new church.
In the abbey there are frescos and mosaics from different eras on display. The Holy Trinity Church contains the tomb of the Norman crusader, Robert Guiscard, as well as more beautiful frescos and mosaics.

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