The Pollino National Park

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Tours stopping in the Pollino National Park

The Pollino National Park is located between two regions, Basilicata and Calabria. It also ranges from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian.

The whole area of Pollino covers 192.565,00 hectares of land and is formed by the Massiccio del Pollino and Orsomarso. The mountain range that is part of the southern Apennines bordering the Basilicata and Calabria boasts the highest peaks of southern Italy which remain snowed for a long period that begins from November and ends in May with the melt the first snow.

The height of its peaks reaches 2,200 meters above sea level. The natural area that enjoys a wide prestige is composed of dolomite rocks, limestone bastions, walls of architectural fault, cliffs, very deep gorges, karst caves, volcanic timbers, sinkholes, plateaus, meadows, high altitude pastures, morainic accumulations, glacial cirques and erratic boulders.

The fabulous Parco del Pollino, thanks to its precious riches and beauties that jealously guards, is today considered the most extensive protected area in Italy.
From a naturalistic point of view, this area is of considerable importance, given also the forests of holm oaks, maples and beeches that cover it, the different rivers that cross it, including the Sinni (formerly called Siris and 94 km long is one of the main of the Basilicata for richness of water), and the different species of animals that inhabit it: from the wolf to the wild cat, from the squirrel to the wild boar, without forgetting the roe deer, the only survivor of the great family of deer and roe deer that were once numerous.

As in the other parks of Italy, the main activity inside the Pollino consists of walks along the paths; in this park the paths leading to Piani di Pollino, the peaks of Dolcedorme, the Serra di Crispo, the Raganello gorges are to be covered.

However, sports enthusiasts can take part in mountain biking, horse riding and canoeing, as well as exciting rafting trips along the rapids.

But in the Pollino Park are also kept the customs and typical products of Basilicata, for those who want to stay in this beautiful region it is useful to plan an itinerary through some of the countries that contribute, each in its own way, to make unique and evocative the Pollino.

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