A Bridge Between The West And The East

Tours stopping in Otranto

Otranto is situated on the easternmost point of the boot. It’s called the city of the Martyrs and it’s a jewel of Salento, a bridge between the West and the East, a territory full of beaches, a place rich in history, art, culture.

The town, overall in the summer, sees its population multiplied by the beauty of the places, the uniqueness of the sea and the importance it covers within the economy and tourism of Salento. The name derives from the word Hydruntum, which indicates a small river that crosses the valley of Idro, although some schools of thought believe that instead it may derive from the name used to indicate a rise that stood near the port area, called Odronto . Of the municipal territory are also part of several hamlets, some of which are also requests for tourist destinations, such as Porto Badisco, Fontanelle, Serra Alimini, Frassanito, Conca Specchiulla.

The imposing Aragonese Castle, an ancient military fortress built between 1485 and 1498 on the basis of already existing military constructions and works by first Swabians and then by Turks. The castle has a pentagonal plan, surrounded by a protective moat, has three cylindrical corner towers and a large coat of arms belonging to Charles V above the main entrance. It is currently used as a splendid theater for exhibitions and cultural events.

From the square where the castle stands, located in the east of the city, the labyrinth of alleys and alleys, which constitute the ancient village, begins to branch off, the oldest and most characteristic part of the city. Walking along these streets gives the impression of being brought back in time, with the houses, the stairways, the courtyards, the shops, the atmosphere of the past. It is a pleasure to untangle yourself among the thousand little streets, discover hidden sceneries and enjoy the hospitality of the people of Otro. Each corner then presents its wonder: a church, a view of the sea, a detail to be found.

moving along the coast to the north, within a few kilometers, we find bathing sites marked by a fantastic nature and fabulous settings: the Bay of the Turks, the historic site of the landing of Turkish soldiers, with its Caribbean beach and the sea as clear as a few, it will seem to be truly in the Caribbean! The Lakes Alimini, two beautiful basins of fresh water one, and salty the other, fed by different springs and surrounded by a fantastic Mediterranean scrub and introduced by a white sandy tongue.

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