The White City

Tours stopping in Ostuni

Ostuni, also known as the White City because of its historic center that was once completely painted with white lime, is a town that is part of the province of Brindisi, Puglia. The Municipality extends in the hinterland of the Adriatic coast, on the last offshoots of the eastern Murge.

The territory was inhabited since prehistoric times and it was occupied by the Messapians, by the Greek colonists and later occupied by Longobards, Saracens and Normans.

Along Via Cattedrale, which divides the medieval heart of the city in two, there is the former Carmelite Monastery, home of the Museum of Preclassical Civilizations of the Southern Murgia, where the cast of Delia, a pregnant woman lived 25,000 years ago, is exhibited.

Ostuni hosts many events, for example the Feast of the Madonna della Nova where, for the occasion, local folk groups perform traditional dances involving all participants, and the Cavalcade of St. Oronzo, dedicated precisely to the Saint. The Ostuni Summer is very awaited, that is a series of events and events of various kinds, organized by the Municipality. The antiques and modern exhibition-market is held on the second Sunday of each month.

Ostuni’s countryside host a lot of farms, many of which have been transformed into welcoming farms and luxury resorts. Among others, Santa Caterina with the high octagonal tower of the fortified farm, Lo Spagnulo and Cappuccini masseria with its trulli.

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