The Ancient Town on The Adriatic Coast

Tours stopping in Monopoli

Repopulated in the Middle Ages by the inhabitants of Egnazia, Monopoli is a beatiful town with ancient roots and things to see. It was a flourishing sea port in Byzantine and Norman times, although its strategic position made it the object of regular pirate attacks. A bishopric in the XI century, it was occupied by the Venetians in 1456 and 50 years later by the Spanish, who stregthened the castle.

The sea is a very important element for the development of Monopoli, even if it has always been at the same time a dangerous way to the town because of the incursions that came from it. This is the reason why this area and all Puglia region are rich in coastal towers and castles. Monopoli has its own castle called “The Castle of Carlo V”, located on the most jutting headland on the coast, in a strategic position for the defence of the town and the harbour.

Once there, you can also visit really interesting places like the Cattedrale, one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in the Puglia region, and the crypt of Santa Maria Amalfitana, carved inside a wide cave (it takes its name from the upper masonry church, erected towards the middle of the 11th century). According to the tradition, during the 11th century, a group of sailors from Amalfi who survived a shipwreck, stopped to pray inside this cave, which was already a place of worship for the Basilian monks, to thank the Holy Mary.

On the south of the town you’ll find the zone called “Capitolo”, the coastline of beaches that will give you an unforgettable holiday of relaxation, sea and fun.

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