The City Of Fedrerick II

Tours stopping in Melfi

With its imposing Norman-Swabian castle built by the emperor Fedrerick II, Melfi stands at the foot of Mount Vulture.

The spectacular scenery of the ancient medieval village, with the splendid Cathedral, is opposed to the modern and flat panorama of a real industrial pole.

Melfi is a municipality in Basilicata with about 18 thousand inhabitants. Its territory hosts important industries such as Fiat and Barilla and it is one of the most important industrial centers in the South and one of the richest municipalities in Italy.

There are several places to visit in the small town. Among the various architectural beauties are certainly to include:

  • the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta;
  • the Castle, one of the most important medieval castles in Southern Italy, was built in the 11th century by the Normans and has undergone many changes over the years. The final structure of the castle consists of 10 towers, including 7 rectangular and 3 pentagonal and surrounded by a large moat. The only one of the four still accessible entrances is connected to the city by a bridge (first drawbridge);
  • the walls.

As for nature lovers, they can venture into the woods of Mount Vulture, a volcano no longer in activity 1327 meters high.

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